Hey there! I'm Janine, a tea-drinking, cozy sweater-wearing, book-reading hopeless romantic who adores telling love stories through photographs from all over the world. I’m a dog mom to a crazy black lab, and I spend my spare time binge watching Netflix originals and playing board games with the love of my life. I’m all about living that hygge life, appreciating the little things and trying to find a good balance of everything in life. I've read Harry Potter countless times over, our dog is named after an elf from The Hobbit, and I can quote The Office like no one's business.


    Armed with a camera, sarcasm, and a few Friends-related jokes, I’ll be there for you (see what I did there?)
    I’ll be there to fluff your dress, hand you a Kleenex, and make sure your makeup still looks great. I’ll be there for you in many ways on your wedding day, but most of all, I’ll be there to tell your love story.

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