Claudia Norris – YEG Album Cover

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Claudia Norris before, and I was so pleased when she contacted me about shooting her latest single’s album cover! We had a blast running around on rooftops and in parkades for this shoot, even though our balloon “G” floated away when we switched locations.. Who knew balloons were so tricky?! It was hotter and windier on top of the roof than we thought! We got some great shots regardless, and we even had time for a few more portraits (and outfit changes!) after. Parkades really do make the best shooting locations, don’t you agree?

Check out Claudia’s love letter to our awesome city:

Claudia Norris is an Edmonton-based blogger/singer/songwriter/beauty guru and one of the sweetest and happiest human beings I know. Her attitude and optimism is contagious, and I’m so happy we got to work together again!

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