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    I was so happy to have Shani visit me here in Edmonton from Whitehorse for her boudoir session. Nothing is more amazing to me than watching a woman come out of her shell during a boudoir session, and nothing makes me happier. I thrive on watching a woman come to life during her session and seeing her confidence grow. Thank you, Shani, for allowing me to capture that feeling for you!

    When it comes to sharing photos from your boudoir session, I leave the control in your hands. You’re welcome to keep your session private, share portions of your session that you’re comfortable with,  or the entire gallery. It’s all up to you. Shani chose to allow me to share a small portion of her session, one of her favourite outfits (how amazing does that sweater look on her?!). When we designed her boudoir album, we also chose a cover that matches the color of this sweater! You can view it at the bottom of this post. One of my favourite things to do is design albums. It tells a little story and gives you something tangible from your session, and it also makes for a great gift (if that’s the reason you’re doing your session!)

    Makeup by Kaitlin of Blush Artistry

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    If you want to book your own boudoir session, you can email me: We’ll talk, laugh, drink and have a blast together!

    “As if you were on fire from within
    The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
    – Pablo Neruda

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    Janine Rose
    November 21, 2017
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